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TiNi Alloy Company is primarily a research and development organization. The founder, A. David Johnson, a Ph.D. physicist, is a pioneer and leader in the technology and use of thin film shape memory alloys, with fundamental publications and patents. Microminiature actuators based on thin film shape memory alloy are an enabling technology for micro-electro- mechanical systems. MEMS technology combining silicon microfabrication with shape-memory metals have resulted in micro-miniature valves and micro-switches that have potential applications in manufacturing and consumer products.

TiNi Alloy Company's Frangibolt™, a shape memory alloy powered separation device, is an internationally-accepted standard flight qualified component that has been used on satellites and planetary missions by TRW, Lockheed - Martin, the European Space Agency, and the Naval Research Laboratory. Other users of the Frangibolt™ include oceanographic institutes. The company's pinpuller, which first flew on the Mars Global Explorer, is now in use by NASA, Lockheed - Martin, and Japanese Aerospace. These devices have been licensed to and are being marketed by TiNi Aerospace, Inc., an independent corporation. See www.tiniaerospace.com for more information.

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