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The principal applications of TiNi thin film, contemporary and anticipated, are in these four areas: Biotech, Aerospace, Energy, Medicine

As sample sizes become smaller, and instruments become more sophisticated, the need for miniature valves and pumps is becoming severe. The high cost of samples and chemicals used for analysis will drive the requirements to conserve liquids, meaning that the entire internal volume of the system must be minimized. So valves and pumps must be small, capable of controlling pressure up to several atmospheres.

Miniature gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers need valves, both liquid and pneumatic, that are small enough to be used in portable equipment, and clean enough to perform in systems that are sensitive to parts per billion.

Space vehicles are smaller and more sophisticated. TiNi Alloy Company provides technology for miniature latching valves, micromachined pneumatic valves. Our sister company TiNi Aerospace provides separation devices to meet the exacting needs of space vehicles.

Portable computers and instruments are power-hungry. Battery technology is lagging behind the need for compact sources of electrical energy. Fuel cells have the potential for greatly increased power density, but require more sophisticated control systems. These in turn demand miniature valves, both pneumatic and liquid.

Stents have become a standard part of the doctor's repertoire for treatment of cardiovascular disease. Thin film TiNi, and in particular our 3-D devices, enable access to smaller blood vessels and other lumens within the body. Clot retrievers and aneurysm closures for treatment of intracranial disease, and components for implantable drug delivery systems, are targeted areas of TiNi Alloy Company technology.

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